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With so many commercial real estate companies in Orlando, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which firm is best for you and your business. Many business owners trying to find properties find themselves thinking “Is a national or boutique real estate firm better for my business?”. Similar to boutique clothing stores, boutique commercial real estate firms offer a different service with different benefits compared to their larger counterparts. More and more, we are seeing real estate investors trend towards boutique firms and for good reason. But what are the benefits, and how should you decide which is best for you?

  1. Experienced And Localized Knowledge

If you were visiting New York and you needed directions, would you ask someone who lives in New York, or someone who lives in California? Choosing a commercial real estate firm is similar to traveling; we all need direction. Hiring a boutique firm allows you to get insight and experience in a specific location. Knowledge of the market, neighborhoods, and city regulations is all invaluable information that only a boutique agency can provide.

  1. Quality over Quantity

Unfortunately, when hiring a larger national firm, you may get the feeling that the leads you are being provided, just aren’t high quality.  A boutique commercial real estate firm’s sole goal is to establish strong relationships and provide a great experience to their clients, because they know how it can help everyone involved. You can expect excited and tailored results from a boutique firm because they want you to succeed and have the best experience possible.

  1. Team Work

At larger national firms, everyone is working against each other to survive by any means necessary, and there is generally little to no support from the top. At boutique firms sometimes the entire office can be dedicated to one client and getting a property sold, bought, or leased. It is a different, collaborative environment where experienced professionals are working together for the greater good. At companies with in-house marketing teams, your listings can get on the market immediately to take best advantage of current opportunities. The smaller firms can pivot quicker than the larger ones and thus stay ahead of technological trends in marketing.

There are many reasons to choose a boutique commercial real estate agency over a larger national firm. It is clear to investors all over the country that the best way to get localized insight while dealing with a professional team, is to hire a boutique agency. If you need any help with your listing or finding your perfect piece of commercial real estate give us a call today.