Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of using a commercial real estate – tenant representation broker?

A: A tenant representative broker works for you not the landlord. A broker will give you several options to choose from and play those options against one another to get you the best deal. A good tenant representative broker knows the ins and outs of how landlords take advantage of tenants. Their job is to protect you from excessive charges and save you money so you can have a successful business. They will follow through and represent you from the time the lease is signed, the sale has closed and all your needs have been met.

To obtain better terms in your lease or purchase transaction, you need to be in an equal negotiating position with landlords. The leasing of commercial properties is the landlord’s business. The landlords are fully informed as to the current terms of the market place. Are you? With an experienced representative on your team, you are more likely to get a fair deal.

Q: How do you provide services with no cost to your clients?

A: A tenant representative is usually paid a commission from the Landlord. That payment comes out of the money that the landlord has set aside to pay their broker. If the landlord doesn’t have to pay the full commission that they have budgeted for, they simply put that extra money back in their pocket.

Q: Is it better for me to spend my time working on my business or learning about the commercial real estate market?

A: The profitability of your business is directly impacted by your occupancy cost. A seemingly insignificant $.25 difference in rental rate on a 5,000 square foot lease over a five (5) year lease term results in a $75,000 off your bottom line. Would you prefer your landlord has that money.
Not only can your lack of knowledge and awareness of the “real” market rates impact your “real” money, so can taking your taking your time and focus off your business in trying to learn about the “real” market.

Q: How can I tell if a property I am considering is fairly priced?

A: A competent commercial real estate broker and tenant representative will do a comparative market analysis for you so you can be comfortable knowing that you are paying the same or less than someone that has leased or purchased a comparable property in the same area.

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Q: How far ahead of time should I begin to deal with my future commercial real estate requirements?

A: That depends on the uniqueness of your requirements and the availability of options in your market area. At least a year in advance is not imprudent. The more time you have to explore the market, the more knowledge you will have and you will improve the odds that you will not have to make an uninformed decision.

Q: Would I not benefit from engaging more than one brokers to represent me and my business?

A: You need a single point of contact to negotiate several sides against one another. A good broker will show you many options. Then you can narrow those choices to three finalists. At that point, your broker can play those against each other to get the best deal.