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industrial flexAs leaders in commercial real estate in Central Florida, Atkins CRE is able to provide the guidance and insight to help you make the best decision when searching for the right industrial/flex space for your business.

We apply our expertise and resources to help you make the most informed decision possible. Here are some areas that we consider with you when looking at purchasing or leasing an industrial space.

What we consider when helping you lease or purchase an Industrial or Flex Space.


1. Is an Industrial/Flex space the best choice for your business?

Industrial/Flex space is considerably less expensive than office or retail space.

If visibility is not crucial to your type of business selecting an industrial park that is off the beaten path will help keep your costs down.

Roll up doors, truck accessibility and higher ceiling heights are a few of the advantages of industrial/flex space.


2. Are There Any Additional Costs Involved and If So, What Are They?

What is the rental rate for the warehouse and what type of fees are included in this? You may find that the lease has operating expenses or CAM fees that will cost you extra.

Understanding what terms are negotiable is very important. Terms such as the length of the lease, security deposits, base rent, how much your rent can be increased per year, and lease renewal options are all things to consider in the negotiation process. We have the knowledge of what is “standard and acceptable” in the current market.



Our knowledge of the market and industrial/flex commercial properties allows us to identify the best opportunities available and provides a competitive advantage for your business. We work with you to analyze your needs and we’re able to design the right solution that meets your goals.