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restaurant leaseAtkins Commercial Real Estate offers a full range of restaurant space services for lease and purchase. Our experienced and professional staff is knowledgeable in helping restaurateurs in Central Florida find the optimal restaurant space, which can be an extremely complex process.

When searching for your next restaurant space, we evaluate all aspects of each property ensuring it meets your needs as well as all local codes and ordinances.


What We Look for When Leasing a Restaurant


  1. Location. With over thirty years in real estate, here at Atkins CRE, we are well versed in choosing prime restaurant locations across the Central Florida area. As frequent patrons of local restaurants we keep informed and experienced on the local dining scene. We keep updated on the closing and openings of restaurants and frequently get word of prime restaurant spaces becoming available before they hit the market.
  2. Community Growth. We stay apprised and are constantly informed of new developments and growth in the Central Florida area. We can provide you with demographic reports of the area so you can make an informed decision about whether the location is within the right income population, are there enough households in the immediate vicinity and is it the right ethnicity for your type of cuisine.
  3. Capital Investment: We are aware of the costs involved in the build out of a commercial kitchen. We can recommend experienced architects and contractors to help estimate the cost and determine whether the space is feasible for your budget.
  4. Terms of the Lease. Assisting in the negotiations to ensure that you get the best terms possible is the greatest benefit you will receive from us. We request ample free rent to get you through the permitting and build out processes. Lease comps are performed to be sure that you are getting comparable rental rates. We guide you in determining how many years to commit to depending on your investment in the space.

As your leasing broker, we pay attention to the vital details that are going to impact your businesses’ success.

If you are looking for your next restaurant space to lease or have any questions regarding leasing or purchasing a commercial space, please call us at (407) 875-8040.